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Keep your master to yourself or loan her out for everyone to rape in dorgel’s Sphilia’s Familiar.

In Sphilia's Familiar you play as Akito, an unemployed young man from the modern world who suddenly gets summoned to another world. He was summoned by the magical girl Sphilia to become her familiar, but, instead of obeying his new master, Akito does all sorts of sadistic and perverted things to her. Sphilia orders Akito to prevent the demon lord’s resurrection, but he decides to rape his master and the demon lord’s subordinates. Is this the only reason he was summoned to this fantasy world or is there something more?

Since Sphilia can’t go out on her adventures without her familiar, Akito takes advantage of situation and fucks her every night. The degeneracy continues out on the battlefield in the perv out battles. Depending on the move, they can negatively affect Sphilia’s hit points and other stats. You can also fuck enemies into submission and make them into your familiars that you can summon whenever you want.

While you can keep your slaves all to yourself, you can also let them get raped by monsters, such as goblins and slimes. You're even free to join in too. If you wish to, it is an optional feature that you can skip.

* Game System

My master is a dick slave...!

Your master is an innocent girl who can't go on an adventure without her familiar.

You take advantage of this and have sex every night.

Things can get lovey-dovey...

* Perv out battles

Foes and friends alike mingle in a perv out battle scene.

Battles with no perving out end in one hit easy

* Let your master get cucked.

Monster or human, if you desire it you can cuck your master.

(You can skip this if you don't want to of course)

Making your master your own, or a treasure to share with everyone is up to you.

* The demon female subordinates

Obviously you can make them yours...however, they are powerful and it will take everything to beat them.

If you win you can summon them anytime during battle to aid you with their super powers or rape them. They will become the slave you desire.

You can buy the English version of Sphilia’s Familiar on DLsite for $15.19, estimated from ¥1,650. There is a demo available, but check to see if you have RTP for RPG Maker VXAce installed before trying it out. As is usually the case, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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