You will never be the same again

A visual novel with a mix of minigames, Kink High’s alpha build is free to play on

Kink High is a visual novel where you play as a new student at Kinkakure High, a school of mysteries and kinky clubs; like the Flat is Justice Club and more. While enrolled there, you can befriend students, join clubs, and play minigames. Each club has their own experiences that other clubs may not, such as potential dates, fetishes, routes, and stories.

Minigames will help you earn money and stats, which can be used to buy gifts for whomever you want to date. Having certain stats and giving gifts can improve your relationship with them. Currently, there are four minigames in the alpha build of Kink High. This includes a wave-based FPS, a sexy typing game, a trivia game with over three hundred questions, and a Flappy Bird-esque minigame.

In future builds, Karioka Works plans to implement a rogue-like adventure minigame, new students to meet, routes to play, items to collect, and clubs to join into Kink High. Eventually, a complete story mode will also be added. It is planned to be ten chapters long, with multiple endings and branching paths.

Play as a new student joining Kinkakure High and discover all the mysteries of the school! Meet the students, join the kinky clubs, play mini-games to get money and stats, and acquire gifts to earn their love!

We plan for monthly releases, support us if you want to play the latest one before it goes public!


- Four mini games finished so far, including a Wave Based Survival FPS!

- Huge 3D game world with more than six maps already done and ready to be explored!

- More than four hours of visual novel done, including a main story introduction!

- 200+ Items with different Rarities to collect and give to your waifus/husbandos!

- Several Hentai Scenes and animations!

- 300+ questions for our Trivia Mini-Games! Test your mighty brain!

You can play the alpha build of Kink High for free on If you are interested in supporting the game, you can donate to Karioka Works on Patreon.

For more news on adult games, censorship, and the like, make sure to follow us on Twitter. If you want to support LewdGamer directly, consider donating to our Patreon.

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