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Futanari elves and cute angels will arrive this December as MangaGamer launches pre-orders for Dizzy Hearts and Bokuten - Why I Became an Angel.

MangaGamer made an appearance at Anime NYC with an hour-long panel, during which they announced two upcoming visual novels: Dizzy Hearts Chapter 1, and Bokuten - Why I Became an Angel, as well as an OVA to celebrate the anniversary of OVERDRIVE.

The first announced game, Dizzy Hearts Chapter 1, is a romance drama developed by Studio Lupiesoft. It takes place in a fantasy world where day and night are static. The story will follow Seriva, a human girl who leaves her underground home to explore the large overworld, as is tradition for her people. There she runs into a futanari princess, one of multiple heiresses who’re expecting their mother to soon name a successor.

Dizzy Hearts is a twice crowdfunded project by Studio Lupiesoft. Originally, it gathered nearly thrice its funding goal, guaranteeing the development of the game. The second crowdfunding project launched in response to player demand for voice acting, which also succeeded. The visual novel is now scheduled to release on the 5th of December this year.

The second announcement was Bokuten - Why I Became an Angel. It's an upcoming romance drama with a lighthearted beginning: the apathetic Tomoe Kirinokojima misfires an arrow during archery practice, and hits the angel Aine, knocking her off the sky and breaking her magical guitar. Aine was using the guitar to connect people together with love, but since only one string survived the accident, she’s unable to continue her task. As a remedy, she grants the magical string to Tomoe, which allows him to make a cupid’s bow. As the epitome of happiness and the incarnation of gloom are forced to cooperate, the story may show some serious contemplative tones.

Bokuten - Why I Became an Angel has been developed by OVERDRIVE. It aims to provide about forty hours of reading material with uncensored art, four character routes, and nine vocal tracks. The visual novel is scheduled for release on the 19th of December.

Below, we're showing sample screenshots for sex scenes taken from the Japanese version of the game which contains mosaics, they won't be present in the MangaGamer release.

Finally, on the subject of OVERDRIVE, ManagaGamer has announced an upcoming half-hour musical OVA featuring DEARDROPS, d2b, and CaS. No further details are available at the moment.


You can pre-order Dizzy Hearts Chapter 1 on MangaGamer at the promotional price of $10.46. You can also find the trial version there if you wish to check that out. The visual novel will be released on the 5th of December on MangaGamer and Steam, costing $14.95 at full price.

Bokuten - Why I Became an Angel is also available for pre-orders on MangaGamer, at the promotional price of $40.45. The visual novel will be released on the 19th of December and cost $44.95 at full price. A Steam release is scheduled for the 20th of December. The visual novel will be released alongside two DLC packs containing the OSTs.

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