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Adventure Visual Novel Faulty Apprentice Is Now Available on Steam, Itch.io, and Game Jolt

Put on the shoes of a farm boy sent on an errand by a wizard in Faulty Apprentice, developed and published by AGL studios.

Faulty Apprentice is a fantasy visual novel which follows the fate of a young farm boy, who’s been seeking an apprenticeship and failing at every opportunity he found. On his travels he runs into a mighty and renowned wizard Darandal, who looks like a perverted hobo. From him, the boy receives a letter to deliver to the castle. It turns out to be a recommendation, with Durandal claiming the boy as his student and requesting that the young lad be given the opportunity to stay and train at the castle.

The game is a character-driven visual novel combined with time management and minigames. As you arrive at the castle, preparations are being made for an upcoming siege. You have only twenty days to get ready for the incoming monsters. Each day is divided into multiple periods, represented by a clock. Each time you train, complete a job, or work on one of your relationships, time will pass. There are four classes to train: knight, archer, wizard, and rogue — each with their own minigame. Additionally, characters around the castle will offer jobs that rise other stats, and either take up time or challenge you to explore the world.

There’s a total of ten characters available for you to date in Faulty Apprentice, and many more to interact with. The game contains nudity and scenes of implied sex, but there are no visual depictions of sexual acts. All portrayals of nudity can be turned off with a toggle available in the options menu.

You can purchase Faulty Apprentice on Steam, Itch.io or Game Jolt at the promotional price of $19.99. The promotion will last until the 19th of November, at which point the game will cost $24.99. The Game Jolt page also offers access to a demo version of the game.

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