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Side-Scrolling Bullet Hell GURDIAN of HEAVEN Is Now Available on DLSite

Dildo Rotor has published a sci-fi bullet hell side-scroller, titled GURDIAN OF HEAVEN, on DLsite.

GURDIAN OF HEAVEN takes place in the future, in a time after Earth is attacked by a mysterious race of sentient robots. Dr. Fred studies those entities in order to create a weapon capable of stopping them, but dies before finishing his work. He has left his daughter Snow with the unfinished mecha Liderc, as well as all of his debt. To help save the world and repay what her father owed, Snow decides to become a corporate mercenary, riding the incomplete machine into battle.

The game is made out of a selection of platforming missions, which task you with destroying specific enemy units marked as targets. To do so you control Snow in her mecha. You can move around the level, fly using your jetpack, or block enemy bullets with a shield. Snow will automatically shoot whenever there’s a target in her range, which is indicated by lines on the screen.

Much of the game’s difficulty comes from maintaining Snow within her line of fire, whilst avoiding a hail of enemy bullets. The shield and jetpack both use energy, though it recharges slowly when neither are in use. All missions have a time limit, and on some of them Snow will be assisted by her friends, who ride their own machines and stick close to her. Snow’s mecha can also be customized in-between missions, but doing so will lower the amount of money gained at the end of the mission.

You can purchase GURDIAN OF HEAVEN on DLsite at the promotional price of $11.19, estimated from ¥1,215. The promotion will last until midnight on the 7th of December, at which point the game will cost $13.17, estimated from ¥1,430.

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