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MiKandi Japan has partnered with Studio Bottomtext to create a visual novel with bullet hell gameplay, titled Gremory : Tale of The God Slayer.

Studio Bottomtext is a group of developers from Japan and other parts of Asia which is working on a visual novel bullet hell game Gremory : Tale of The God Slayer. They have partnered with Mikandi Japan in the hopes of reaching the English-speaking audience, and are trying to gather $4,650 to bring their project to completion.

Gremory : Tale of The God Slayer takes place in a fantasy world inspired by Norse mythology. Here, Asgard was once populated by gods and deamons. The latter were few in number, but much more powerful. Fearing them, gods hunted them down and sealed their powers, but even though they managed to steal most of the titular Gremory’s powers, she escaped. After working on restoring a part her strength, she finds a demigod on Earth, who just happens to be the story’s male protagonist. By beating various gods of Asgard and making the demigod have sex with them, Gremory can ritualistically transfer the stolen powers back to herself. This becomes her plan for revenge.

The gameplay of Gremory : Tale of The God Slayer is divided into story segments, which are told through a visual novel interface and follow the demigod’s point of view, and bullet hell stages where you will control Gremory as she shoots her way through armies and gods of Asgard. The center of Gremory’s sprite on the screen has a dot, which shows her hitbox. You can move Gremory around to avoid enemy bullets hitting it. Gremory herself will shoot in front of herself non-stop. The enemies you kill can drop upgrades improving her basic attack and will load her charge bar as they die. When the charge bar is full, you can spend it on a powerful beam attack. Additionally, Gremory has three bombs which will clear the screen of bullets, and can slow down her movements for more precise maneuvering if you hold the ‘z’ key.

At the moment of writing, Gremory : Tale of The God Slayer has gathered $3,505 out of the $4,650 goal. If you’d like to support the project yourself, you can do so on Kickstarter, where a pledge of $7 or more will net you a copy of the game on release. A demo of the game is also available there. Excess money gathered during the Kickstarter campaign will be dedicated towards adding partial voice acting, animated CG’s, and extra scenes.

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