If it's a hole, it's a goal.

A threat that threw humanity into chaos fifty years ago has returned in the futuristic RPG, Apostle.

Apostle was developed by kamichichi and published by Kagura Games. It takes place in the year 2015, when the moon turned blood red and man eating monsters known as “Magna” started appearing. Humanity was terrified and desperate for a solution to their monster problem. At some point, they resorted to using nuclear weapons against them. It seemed as if the nukes had worked and the day the Magna disappeared was celebrated as the “Day of Judgement.” After fifty years, peace has been restored and the Magna seem gone for good. However, that was never the case.

Apostle is a classical RPG in a futuristic setting. Fight against the Magna and take up sidequests. Improve your characters by having them learn new skills. You can also unlock special character events and get to know them better.

Rei Yagami

A young man with a strong sense of justice. He chooses to not take part in any club activities at school, and instead performs detective-like tasks for people, sometimes earning money.

Akari Kinoshita

A close friend of Rei since elementary school. Though quite clumsy, her G-cup breasts, proportions, and cute appearance have earned her many fans.

Satsuki Saijou

A member of Squad Six. She chooses to mostly dispatch with Konoha due to her disdain towards men.

Konoha Jinguuji

A girl with a boyish haircut and mannerisms. She’s quite laid back and likes to hang out with anyone, which makes her popular among both genders.

Remy Christopher

The stunning half-American beauty who grew up in Tokyo. While normally quite calm and collected, anyone who incurs her wrath will no doubt bear witness to her savage side.

Kenshin Takeda

Trinity Squad Six’s captain and a descendant of the legendary Sengoku period military commander, Shingen Takeda. Has a complex over her petite body.

Nana Nanashiro

The biggest weirdo in all of trinity. Her massive butt would often invite unwanted molestation for her, but personally she’s too focused on her research to care about it.

You can buy Apostle on sale from MangaGamer for $16.95 and Steam, FAKKU, and JAST USA for $16.99. The sale on Steam ends November 14th. After that date, the price will increase to $19.99. There is also an 18+ patch available for free on Kagura Games to put the naughty bits back into the Steam version.

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