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Sol Press has published a romance visual novel by PeasSoft, titled My Fair Princess, on Steam.

My Fair Princess is a romance visual novel following the life of Satoshi Kanamori. He's student at the renowned academy, Ryokufuuin, which is as expensive as it is famous. The only reason Satoshi can even attend is his scholarship, a fact he hides from his rich friends rather effectively. The story of My Fair Princess begins in earnest when Satoshi is chosen for the leading role in the yearly school festival.

More details about the game's characters, as well as sample screenshots, can be viewed below.

Rin Washio

A hot-blooded, blunt girl from Satoshi's class. She's keeping her distance from her classmates, and is often seen wandering alone in the school. Her rude and uncaring personality gets turned on its head the moment she steps on stage as the popular idol, RIN. Her sweet smile and voice of an angel charms anyone who lays eyes on this side of hers.

Ayame Enatsu

A dependable upperclassmen who looks out for Satoshi. Thanks to her kind nature, everyone adores her. As the daughter of a world-renowned manga author, she is interested in drawing manga as well. She holds Satoshi very close to her heart…

Maiki Hoshikawa

The girl Satoshi danced with at a party. Since she was raised as a true lady, she can come off a bit naive and full of herself. Under her rich and refined exterior, however, lies a lonely girl, craving the affection of her parents, who are constantly traveling all over the world as renowned actors.

Kana Takamine

She stands at the very top of the hierarchy as the wealthiest person in school. As the daughter of the CEO of one of the world's leading financial groups, the Takamine Conglomerate, she quickly rose to the summit as the student body representative. Her grown-up, cool demeanor quickly earned the admiration of all her peers. No one has seen her smile before, however.

Hitomi Miyazono

As a first-year, she looks up to and admires Satoshi. She's a genius scientist, the type that only comes around once every century. She specializes in robotics, priding herself on having built a completely functional maid-robot. She's really passionate about her own "Mage Club", and her goal is to make friends.

You can purchase My Fair Princess on Steam at the promotional price of $29.74 until the 15th of November, at which point the game will cost $34.99 at full price. The adult content has to be downloaded separately in the form of a patch available on Panty Press.

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