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Nutaku has published an RPG, titled Soul Senki, in which you collect personified weapons.

In the world of Soul Senki, weapons of heroes can gain a soul and become an artifact. This allows people known as battle soul masters to manifest those weapons as living servants, which gives them access to extraordinary power. This has lead mundane humans to be scared and jealous of the battle soul masters and shun them. Because of this, the clans of battle soul masters went into hiding.

The game begins many years later, in the equivalent of the modern times. Most clans of battle soul masters have been fed up with how they've been treated, and decide to conquer the mundane world as the superior species. To do this, they need a book owned by the clan the protagonist belongs to. As your clan is opposed to the war, they're attacked by the other clans instead. The protagonist is able to escape, but their clan is eradicated. Now it falls on you to stop the other clans from beginning a race war.

Soul Senki is a browser-based collection RPG mixed with a visual novel. As you play through the story mode, each stage will contain a lengthy story chapter that ends with a combat sequence. During combat your deployed battle souls will fight automatically and gain soul energy with each strike. You can select which target they should prioritize and activate their abilities whenever their soul energy bar is full. This will initiate a short minigame. How well you do in the minigame will define how strong the ability will be. Each fight has a set of extra challenges, if your party manages to complete these, you will unlock the option to autocomplete the stage later for extra loot.

The main challenge in Soul Senki comes from managing your team of battle souls. You can gain new battle souls through buying gacha, and upgrade them by increasing their rarity, star level, leveling them up, or leveling up their equipment. You can also rise a girl’s affection level by giving her preferred food items, which will rise her stats and sometimes unlock an animated sex scene. Food items can be gained from clearing stages like other materials, or by playing minigames with the girls.

You can find the free-to-play Soul Senki on Nutaku.

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