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Succeed in love and life or fall to corruption as you finish high school in Hizor Games’ dating sim Uni.

Uni follows a red headed girl named Chelsea; this is her default name. After she lost her parents in a car accident three years ago, she took a year off of school to get life back together. Already eighteen and with no other relatives to rely on, Chelsea started living in her own apartment and transferred to a new school to finish her final year of high school. With so much weighing her down, Chelsea will need to figure out how to get by on her own.

In the game, each day is separated into four different times of day: morning, evening, dusk, and night. During those time periods, you decide where you want to spend your time. You can choose to go to school, work, a club, or just wander around town. Depending where you go, different events will happen. Spending time with people will continue down their route and working will earn you more money, which can be spent on clothes, room decor, or a triggered event.

There are two bars that you can keep track of; grades and corruption. Grades depend on whether you did your homework and how much you participate in class. Corruption is based on how corrupted Chelsea is becoming. This increases depending on your choices and the erotic situations you find yourself in.

Welcome to the City of Uni, where you’ll step into the shoes of our red-headed female protagonist, whose fate is up to you. You’ll experience different storylines and scenarios based on the choices you make during your stay. Uni is similar to a Dating Sim, where you'll attend school, take on a job, explore the city, and build relationships!

Current Fetish Tags Include:

- Girl-on-Girl (Yuri, F/F)

- Female-Male Pairings (Hetero, M/F)

- Multiple Pairings (MMF)

- Groping

- Corruption

- Submission

- Blackmail

- Voyeurism

- Prostitution

- Bimbofication

- Foot Fetishization

- Spanking

- Lesdom

- And Much More...

You can check out more information about the development of Uni and get the demo on Hizor Games’ Patreon Page. There is also a public download available for PC, Linux, Android, and Mac users.

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