...the fuck?

A crowdfunded developer is working on a classic fantasy RPG full of sex titled Warriors of Legend.

Gurdin Alehammer is an independent artist and game developer who has been working on adult projects for some time now. Previously, he produced a short game titled Innkeeper and a visual novel with light RPG elements titled Hentasia - The Rod of Power. His latest project is called Warriors of Legend.

In Warriors of Legend you play as the king's younger brother, putting you in the shoes of a the prince. While your brother has to shoulder much of the kingly duties, you’re free to spend your days in the red light district. This isn’t always the case, though, as from time to time the king requires your aid. Such a case takes place when reports of shadowy monsters attempting to climb city walls reach the castle. You gather what help you can and venture out to face the emerging danger as well as uncover an ancient mystery.

The game is an RPG played mainly from the world map screen. There you will manage your party and pick a destination from various locations. Each location holds its own unique events, some of which will unlock as the story progresses. Random events may also occur during travel, involving anything from combat to NPC encounters. As a fantasy RPG Warriors of Legend features sultry women of various races, with sex scenes being based on story progression and presented in the style of a visual novel.

If you’re interested in his work, you can support Gurdin Alehammer on Patreon, where demo versions of his games are available, including Innkeeper, Hentasia - the Rod of Power, and Warriors of Legend. Supporting him will allow you to access full versions of his work, and more advanced development builds of his ongoing projects.

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