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ImagineVR has released a new virtual reality movie, titled Elisa's Surprise! VR, and began sales on Let's Play with Nanai! and Let's Play with Anna!.

Elisa's Surprise! VR is a new virtual reality movie taking place from the perspective of a tired and stressed man. After coming back from work they find a letter invitation to the neighbor’s house, who promises a surprise. After visiting Elise, it quickly becomes apparent what she had in mind.

The movie uses a artstyle reminiscent of recent CG Disney works, and takes place mostly from a first-person view. It boasts high attention to detail, with Elise’s character model bulging as the protagonist thrusts inside her.

With a busy work life exhausted from your day. You receive a note from your next door neighbour Elisa! To come over as she has a surprise for you!

She tells you to close your eyes and get ready for that much needed stress cure!

Opening your eyes to her ready, horny and waiting. Experience your horny neighbour riding your dick in VR all night long and into the morning! But you can’t let her have all the fun, it’s time for you to fuck her back hard and watch as her pussy bulges from your huge dick!

Together with the release of Elisa's Surprise! VR, ImagineVR has launched a 30% sale on Let's Play with Nanai! and Let’s Play with Anna! The two games are interactive pornographic experiences sharing the same features, but different titular female characters. The games differentiate themselves from similar VR games by introducing a unique control scheme: the girl’s movements depend on the location of the controller, allowing the player to easily control the girl’s movements with one hand, or to strap the controller to an object and have the girl mimic its movements.

You can purchase Elisa's Surprise! VR for $16.00, while Let's Play with Nanai! and Let's Play with Anna! are available at the promotional price of $21.

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