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PQube Limited has published Gun Gun Pixies, an action game by Idea Factory and SHADE, on Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

In Gun Gun Pixies you play as one of two tiny pixie agents sent to earth to study human culture, with the hope that whatever you learn from humans will help your people overcome their own troubles.

The game is an action shooting game with stealth elements, where you sneak around a female dormitory spying on girls while trying to accomplish select tasks. You cannot be seen or heard by the women you’re spying on, and have to avoid being trampled. Additionally, squid-like creatures will stalk the room and attack you on sight. To help fight back, you have access to a variety of unlockable weapons, differing depending on which pixie you play as. Levels are divided between segments of exploration with combat, fights against girls where you shoot happy bullets at them, and bathing segments. The story is told in-between missions through a visual novel interface.

We’ve spoken of Gun Gun Pixies before, as it was originally released in 2017 in Japan on the PlayStation Vita, and, just earlier this year, was announced for a western release in September. After a short delay, it has finally made its way to the western market.

Tiny but mighty aliens have come to Earth to learn about humans and save their own mother world! In a unique spin on third-person shooter, it will be up to you to infiltrate a college girls' dormitory and research human behaviour by shooting them with Happy Bullets - in their rooms, or in their baths! Be stealthy and defeat squids and bosses as you help the two pixies complete their missions and repair the social issues on their owm planet Pandemo!

You can purchase Gun Gun Pixies on Steam or the Nintendo eShop at the promotional price of $44.99 until the 8th of November, at which point the game will cost $49.99 at full price.

There’s also a Day One Edition for Nintendo Switch available on Amazon for $59.94, which contains the game paired with an art book.

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