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Studio Ero House has released a 2D fighting game, titled Sex Slave Arena, on DLsite.

Sex Slave Arena is a classic style fighting game depicting duels between an orc, and a swordswoman. The game is simple with its design. The player can control either the orc or the woman, depending on the game mode, with each also having their own story campaign. In combat those characters have access to two attack types and a jump. Whenever the opponent’s health depletes, they can be raped. After enough rape attempts the characters will orgasm, which marks the end of the round.

The game has two types of sexual content: sprite-base animations that take place during arena battles and animated CGs which play out during story mode segments. You can find out more about the game from the official description and sample screenshots below:

[ Fight as an Ogre ]

Use the ogre's overwhelming strength to defeat the swordswoman

and enjoy a variety of actions to sexually assault her.

If you manage to restrain her, the crowd will join in to violate her.

[ Reverse Rape Mode ]

Reach certain requirements to unlock control of the swordswoman.

Roles are reversed and the ogre can be seduced using masturbation,

hand jobs, foot jobs, fellatio, forced sex...

If you manage to defeat the ogre, you can make her have sex with the crowd.

[ Story Mode ]

Reach certain requirements to unlock the ogre and swordswoman's story.

The event CG of the story are all animated.

17 types of erotic action

9 types of event animationFully voiced female characters

Swordswoman CV: Chiroru OyamaMillefeuille the Maid CV: Megumu Morino

Cudelia the Maid CV: Ao Inukai

You can purchase Sex Slave Arena on DLsite for about $12.13, estimated from ¥1,320. A demo version of the game is available on the store page.

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