If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Explore a house and discover the naughty disks left behind by past occupants in HOTPINK’S SPOOKY HOUSE OF SEXY SECRETS.

Developed by Hotpink, HOTPINK’S SPOOKY HOUSE OF SEXY SECRETS puts you in an unknown house. The place is old, and there are disks with content of supernatural sexscapades left by the previous visitors of the house. While looking through the erotic remnants, you can’t help but feel that you’re being watched. Just who is there, and what does it want?

Wander around the house, and try to find all the hidden disks. After finding one, head to the computer to see what's on it. Each one contains a text or image file that will tell and show you what exactly on in this house.

The game's graphics feature a retro, VHS-like filter, but you can turn off the effect if you want to. Additionally, there are erotic images done by nine different artists that Hotpink has collaborated with.

Why did I come here...

When will it end...

But do I even want it to end...

Explore a spooky house full of sexy secrets from the many visitors that came before you. Find their remains... of what they left behind and learn about all the sexy goings-on that this house doesn't want you to know about! Can you find them all?!?

You can download HOTPINK’S SPOOKY HOUSE OF SEXY SECRETS for free on Hotpink’s Itch.io page.

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