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Comedic Action Game Foreskin Fury Is on Steam in Early Access

Stupid Industries’ multiplayer game, Foreskin Fury, will have your penis reach its full potential.

In Foreskin Fury you control a penis with special abilities to fight in different environments that you’ll need to adjust to. Maneuver around your enemies and either shoot blast them with your load or whack them with the tip of your dick. Become strong and fight against your friends online in the arena so that your penis can be the unrivaled champion of them all.

You can also accessorize your penis with hats, glasses, wigs, wings, dresses, and more. These can be found in a variety of different areas. The clothes have stats attached to them, which makes equipping them useful as well as fashionable. Style your penis however you like.

Foreskin Fury is an online action multiplayer game, where each player controls a unique penis on his way to genital domination.

Fight to the death against your friends, unlock unique skills and powers and become the ultimate swaffle master.

- Unique combat systemBuild up your manhood and use it to trigger your special abilities. Be smart and use them carefully to become the undisputed champion of the arena

- Dynamic and ruthless environmentsTo master the art of the Fury, you will need to understand and use your surroundings. Bounce over your enemies, sneak behind their backs, spit and transform the terrain or become a dangerous striking shadow.

- Personalized characterFury is nothing without style. As you move around, you'll find items to personalize and decorate your character. Your penis will quickly become a dangerous and stylish weapon, famous and feared in the cruel world of Foreskin Fury.

You can find Foreskin Fury on Steam in Early Access for $6.99.

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