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The fantasy story of daemons and largest tits of all the kingdom continues in Funbag Fantasy 2.

Developed by Waffle, Funbag Fantasy 2 is the sequel to the nukige Funbag Fantasy. With art by Q-Gaku and a world created by Kagami Hiroyuki, the visual novel has over two hundred CGs and twenty hours worth of reading.

In the Kingdom of Hillsland daemons and humans continue to cohabitate, but daemons seem to be negatively affected by it. After they adopted money as a form of exchange, numerous daemons are falling into poverty, which ends up causing a rift in the relationship between the two races. Ruin Dimidium, our protagonist, is appointed as the military captain of the remote village of Boobshire. In other words, he was he was relegated. To make his situation even worse, Ruin gets into more trouble when he arrives to his new station. Now, he’s stuck serving a liege with unreasonable demands and working with demons lacking any drive as his subordinates.


Cup Size: F

A mercenary hired by the bandit gang harassing Boobshire. According to her agreement with the boss, the gang does not assault girls while she works with them.


Cup Size: H

A marchioness, the liege of Succubshire Castle, and a powerful noblewoman. She is very mature and voluptuous. Her favorite drink is semen.


Cup Size: DDD

A proud elf and a swordswoman serving Her Ladyship Shaharl. Her fencing skills appear to be quite respectable. A fighting beauty of youthful charms.


Cup Size: J

The queen consort and a wife. Although she holds no legal political power, sometimes she does ask the king for a favor or gently remonstrates him. She has the air of a graceful married woman with plenty of maternal milk... but due to not sleeping with the king recently, she feels frustrated.


Cup Size: G

A mermaid whom the protagonist meets in rural Boobshire. She is pure, innocent, and devoted... but at the same time, submissive and lewd. A busty girl whose forte is the titjob.

Funbag Fantasy 2 will release on November 21st. You can pre-order the game from MangaGamer for the reduced price of $40.45. It will also be seeing a release on Steam.

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