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PUSH! Seeks Funding for a Samurai Romance Light Novel Noble Love 2: Nobility Lost

Samurai romance series Noble Love will continue in Noble Love 2: Nobility Lost if PUSH! can gather the necessary funds.

The first tome of Noble Love was crowdfunded in April of 2018. The book is a romance drama about a pair of samurai: Aoi is a talented newcomer to the Samurai Special Force, while Sakura is his assigned mentor within the organization. As they cooperate, the pair falls in love, however, samurai aren’t permitted to build relationships with other samurai. This forces them to keep their state of affairs secret from the rest of the special force, as they do their best to maintain order within the city.

After the first tome of the story, much still remains to be told. PUSH! would like to continue the saga in a sequel, but requires financial aid to produce it. Their current goal is to gather $20,000 through Kickstarter. With 24 days to go, the campaign is already nearing its halfway point.

Noble Love 2: Nobility Lost is being written by Kishou and SabataTheOne with illustrations by 雪代あるて. You can find out more about its story and characters from the promotional material below:

Sakura and Aoi’s first official mission was cut short by an act of terrorism when the Shogun’s daughter was kidnapped. And the culprit was none other than Kiku, Sakura’s older sister, who had supposedly died years ago.

The SSF is on high alert to find Kiku, with Sakura forced to consult an old friend to aid in the search. When Kiku is eventually found again, the mystery behind her return and her goals leave more questions than answers, and Sakura must make a choice. To kill a traitor to restore family honor, or to save her sister. Meanwhile, Aoi and Sakura push the boundaries of their forbidden bond, where their feelings grow beyond a mere entanglement of lovemaking. With the pressure of a civil war on the horizon, a secret of their own folly comes closer to being revealed, and the consequences that follow are the most severe. The lines are drawn. What is worth fighting for? Can they defeat Kiku? Who is friend or foe? And how far will Aoi and Sakura go for their mutual love?

You can support Noble Love 2: Nobility Lost on Kickstarter. Pledging $9 or more will grant you a digital copy of the book upon release, with paperback copies and other rewards requiring larger pledges.

The first tome of Noble Love is available on PUSH!. The digital copy costs $9, with the paperback edition is priced at $12.

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