If you build it, they will cum

Like a perfect wife, your niece awaits your return in monoceros+'s new nukige, Amayakase - Spoiling My Silver Haired Girlfriend.

Amayakase - Spoiling My Silver Haired Girlfriend is a nukige developed by monoceros+ that follows Sousuke, an overworked company employee. Exhausted from another day’s work, he comes home to find his niece, Anya, sitting outside. She tells him that her mom is on a trip overseas and that, since it would be too dangerous for her to live alone, Anya should stay with him.

The two begin living together and, as a way to thank Sousuke, Anya wanted to help with any housework that needs to be done, such as cooking and cleaning. She’s like a wife to Sousuke and she even lets him use her lap as a pillow. He’s supposed to have familial love for his niece, but these soon change into a different kind of love. Eventually, he can’t contain his desires for Anya.


The debut title of developer monoceros+, Amayakase – Spoiling My Silver-Haired Girlfriend, is an lovely visual novel eroge where you fall in love with a cute girl named Anya, drawn by the incredibly talented Naenae. This title is a charming nukige that is fully uncensored for a wonderful fapping experience! Overview: • Fully Voiced • 10 H-Scenes • 2-3 Hours of Gameplay

You can buy Amayakase - Spoiling My Silver Haired Girlfriend on sale from JAST USA for $11.69. When the sale ends, the price will increase to $12.99. You can also get a limited edition physical copy of the visual novel on J-List, which includes the game and a dakimakura cover of Anya. The regular price of the limited edition is $120.00, but is currently on sale for $118.70.

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