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Top Hat Studios Inc has published Why Is There A Girl In My House?!, a yuri visual novel by Betulasoft.

Why Is There A Girl In My House?! is not only the new visual novel’s title, as it's the question posed by its protagonist Elena when she returns home from her draining office job only to find a catgirl waiting for her. Elena is a simple businesswoman suffering from the lack of free time, while the catgirl, Alice is aloof and energetic. As the two girls start to live together, a relationship blossoms between them.

Why Is There A Girl In My House?! is a kinetic visual novel, devoid of player choice or extra routes, and instead focuses on telling a single, short romance story. The visual novel lasts for about two hours of playtime and features five CGs, plus variants.


"Why Is There A Girl In My House?!" is a short, kinetic yuri visual novel. What would you do if you found a cat girl in your apartment?

Our protagonist has to answer that exact question! Elena is a hard working businesswoman who just can't seem to find time for herself. She works a tiring job, and is lucky to relax in the time she has at home. After a hard day of work as usual, she returns to her apartment to find quite a surprise - there's a cat girl in her home! Alice is an excitable, slightly air-headed cat girl who's made herself right at home, thanks to Elena's auntie. The two begin to bond in their free time - could this be the answer to Elena's loneliness? Find out in this short, sweet, and lewd yuri visual novel!


• Beautifully. Hi-Res illustrated CGs & Characters

• 5+ CGs, with multiple variations

• 1-2 Hours of Gameplay

• Lewd Yuri Scenes

• Cat girls!

You can purchase Why Is There A Girl In My House?! on Steam for $2.99.

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