You will never be the same again

The final installment of the NEKO-NIN exHeart series, NEKO-NIN exHeart 3, is out now on Steam and Denpasoft.

NEKO-NIN exHeart 3, conclusion to Whirlpool’s NEKO-NIN exHeart trilogy, takes place months after Haruki brought the ninja girls, Ritsu and Maya, into his growing family of demi-humans — human and beast hybrids with superhuman abilities. With the new additions, his life has become even more hectic and fun. As if fate wanted Haruki to have more cute demi-humans, a new demi-human girl, along with her two retainers, enters the fray. She introduces herself, “I am the next leader of the Saiga Clan! Successor to the Magoichi name… Saiga Himari.” Why is she here, and what is the Saiga Clan?

As usual, the NEKO-NIN series brings together a cute and sensual cast of dog, bunny, and cat girls to cause some adorable hijinks. The art is done by Takano Yuki and, with 2D animation applied to the animal ears, these girls are made a bit more lively.

The final chapter of the NEKO-NIN exHeart series is here!

"We have arrived from the Fuuma Village in order to serve you, sir!"

...It's already been a few months since that fated day when those cute cat-eared ninjas came to our hero's doorstep with that line. With two new additions to the family in Ritsu and Maya, his daily life has gotten that much more bright, cheerful, and rambunctious.

However, as expected? As is fated! New developments arise that bring tense situations to a head.

"I am the next leader of the Saiga Clan! Successor to the Magoichi name... Saiga Himari!"

Out appeared a beautiful yet high-handed young lady and her two retainers. What is this girl's objective? What is the Saiga Clan? This modern day ninja drama enters its third act. With amped-up cuteness in store, it will meow meow you for sure.

You can purchase NEKO-NIN exHeart 3 on sale for a discounted $13.49 on Denpasoft and $8.99 on Steam. If you buy the Steam version, you can also buy the 18+ DLC for the discounted price of $4.49. The sale on Steam ends on October 25th. After that date, the price will increase to $9.99.

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