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The two visual novels and a platformer in the Ef franchise have been brought to Steam by MangaGamer.

The Ef series of visual novels uses the Chinese box narrative structure. The duology, ef - the first tale and ef - the latter tale, are separate stories being told to one another by Yuu Himura and Yuuko Amamiya, who have met on Christmas Eve. The two narrators haven’t seen each other for a while, and are recounting the interesting events that took place in-between their meetings.

Ef - the first tale is the story of a high school student and manga artist Hiro Hirono. During winter, he finds himself charmed by Miyako, an intelligent and athletic girl who finds school boring, and often skips classes. Meanwhile, a girl he thinks of more as his sister, Kei Shindou, decides to convince Hiro that they can be more than just friends.

Ef - the latter tale is about Renji Asou, a young man who often had to travel abroad with his parents, and as a result never developed lasting relationships. One winter he saw a girl with an eyepatch standing alone on a train station, and for some reason, decided to ask her to become friends.

While not being a pornographic game, Killjoy Hunter Yuuko is an action platformer and a sequel to ef - the latter tale. In this game you play as Yuuko, navigating platforming levels and fighting monsters known as KILLJOYs. The cast of the visual novels appear as story characters and bosses.

You can purchase ef - the first tale on Steam at the promotional price of $25.49. The special offer will last until the 24th of October, at which point the visual novel will cost $29.99. An adult patch is required to restore adult content and can be downloaded from MangaGamer.

Similarly, ef - the latter tale is available on Steam at the promotional price of $29.74. This offer will last until the 24th of October as well, at which point the visual novel will cost $34.99. An adult patch for this release is likewise available on MangaGamer.

Both games can be purchased directly on MangaGamer, where ef - the first tale currently costs $25.45 and will later cost $29.95 at full price. Meanwhile, ef - the latter tale is available for $29.70 and will cost $34.95 at full price.

Killjoy Hunter Yuuko has been released exclusively on Steam, where it can be bought at the promotional price of $2.69. The promotion will last until the 24th of October, at which point the game will cost $2.99.

All three games can also be purchased together as a bundle on Steam for a further discounted combined price of $52.13. This bundle discount is on top of the promotional discount, so after the promotion ends, the price will likely return to a normal bundle discount price afterwards.

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