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Kaimaki Games’ All Men are Pigs: A Gay Visual Novel, a boy's love visual novel where you go after guys who are nothing but trouble, is now on Kickstarter.

In All Men are Pigs: A Gay Visual Novel, you play as Max, a gay man who moved to the Caribbean Islands to start a fresh new life working at the gay bar, The Inqueersition. He meets hot and sexy men all around him, but they all have a catch; something that should make Max back away. Unfortunately, he just can’t help himself. Can he get a guy and a happy ending, despite all odds, or will the complications just ruin his life?

ALL MEN ARE PIGS: A gay visual novel.

A queer and raunchy comedy with a tropical flavor. As the main character, you get to move to a Caribbean island named Santa Locura, working the summer away in a bar named The Inqueersition.

Your day to day routine gets derailed by the men you meet, all of them hiding a dealbreaker in their closet. What IS their deal? WHY is it so hard to find a proper man? Do you even NEED a man?

...well, this is a dating sim, so we’ll go with “yes”.

You will get to interact with your friends, coworkers and possible love interests in a variety of ways. Will you manage to land the man of your dreams and love him despite the issues they might have, or will they chew you up and spit you like gum?

Here is a list of your imperfect dream guys:

Kaimaki Games is asking for $10,000 to fund their game. If they reach that amount, there are four stretch goals past that point. At $16,000, a seventh love interest, Olli, will be added. He’s a hipster, surfer, and farmer from Iceland.

At $20,000, an eighth love interest will be added, but the concept and character art for him has not been announced yet.

At $30,000, an alternative furry version of the game will be made, where all characters will be made into anthropomorphic animals. If this amount is earned, this mode will be released four months after the original game and will be provided for free for all Kickstarter backers who already own the game.

At $33,000, Kaimaki Games will create a ten-episode bara manga with extra stories that will feature the game’s characters.

The Kickstarter for All Men are Pigs: A Gay Visual Novel ends on December 10th. If you want to learn more about or help fund the game, check out Kaimaki Games’ Kickstarter page. There is also a demo that introduces two of the love interests, so you can try it out for yourself.

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