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Heartwarming Visual Novel How to Raise a Wolf Girl Released on Steam and Denpasoft

Help a wolf girl regain parts of the life that she lost in How to Raise a Wolf Girl, now available on Steam and Denpasoft.

Developed by Sweet & Tea and published by Sekai Project, How to Raise a Wolf Girl follows Kousaka Shuuji, a boy who lives in the countryside. One day, he and his childhood friend, Kana, find a girl trapped in an animal cage in the mountains. What makes things stranger is that the girl has wolf ears and a tail. They set her free, but the wolf girl has trouble speaking. When she’s finally able to, she tells them her name is Sakuraba Iroha; the same name of a girl who was spirited away ten years ago. After surviving in the mountains for so long, Iroha has lost her ability to talk along with humanistic mannerisms, making her more of an animal.

Shuuji decides to take care of Iroha and, even though she has been more than enough trouble for him, he can’t help but fall in love with her. He can’t change what happened ten years ago, but he’ll protect her as the two of them move forward to carve a future together. How will Iroha adapt into the civilized world?

Sakuraba Iroha

CV: Yuzuhara Miu

Mysterious girl raised by a beast

A mysterious girl who was found in the mountains, Iroha has wolf ears and a tail.

She was an ordinary girl until she was spirited away ten years ago.

Though she's forgotten how to speak and lacks the book smarts you'd expect of someone her age, Iroha is a good, honest girl with a keen intellect.

Height: 147cm

Measurements: B76/W55/H78

Birthday: November 1, Scorpio

Blood Type: O

Kagaya Kana

CV: Ayano Mako

Childhood friend who comes on a little strong

The literal girl next door, Kana is Shuuji's childhood friend.

Her grades are questionable, but she enjoys taking care of others and is a wonder around the house.

She loves Shuuji and never misses a chance to proclaim that she's going to marry him someday.

Though Shuuji puts on a show of not being too thrilled about it, Kana showers him with love at every opportunity.

Height: 155cm

Measurements: B86/W58/H85

Birthday: May 23, Gemini

Blood Type: B

Kotsugai Chihiro

CV: Kanau

World-weary classmate

Classmates with both Shuuji and Kana, she is close enough with Kana to consider her a best friend.

A little on the quiet side, she's the unremarkable sort of girl who doesn't like to stand out from the crowd.

Chihiro is a regular at the convenience store where Shuuji works part-time.

Height: 158cm

Measurements: B91/W59/H86

Birthday: February 10, Aquarius

Blood Type: AB

Kousaka Kotori

CV: Hayase Yayoi

Little sister who wants to be treated like an adult

Shuuji's kid sister, she's gotten to the age where she tries to act mature and speak like an adult.

Around the same mental age as Iroha, she quickly befriends her and tries to show her the ropes.

Though she can sometimes be selfish, Kotori is a kind girl who is considerate of others' feelings.

Height: 134cm

Measurements: B63/W50/H65

Birthday: May 10, Taurus

Blood Type: A

Kisaka Marin

CV: Sakuragawa Mio

School nurse/teacher

The nurse at Shuuji's school, she rules the infirmary with an iron fist in a velvet glove.

She tends to take advantage of Shuuji's helpfulness, often using him as a gofer.

Rather than a doctor, Marin is more of a researcher. She became the school's nurse out of scientific curiosity to observe pubescent members of Homo sapiens in their natural habitat.

Height: 160cm

Measurements: B88/W58/H88

Birthday: August 21, Leo

Blood Type: O

You can buy How to Raise a Wolf Girl for the discounted price of $17.99 on Steam and Denpasoft. After October 18th, the sale will end and the game will return to the original price of $19.99. There is also free 18+ DLC available on Denpasoft for the Steam version.

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