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Kagura Games has published a dungeon crawler by TUNNEL No.73, titled Lilitales.

Lilitales is a dungeon crawler developed by TUNNEL No.73, who previously produced Lilipalace. Lilitales follows the struggle of Luna, a royal guard and a close friend of Princess Jill. One day, while being escorted by the royal guard, princess Jill is kidnapped, and Luna is framed as the culprit. With the help of her former captain she escapes prison, and begins her struggle to save the princess.

The game plays as a first-person dungeon crawler. Luna will explore various locations, seeking treasure and story events in large fields. Combat is turn-based, with Luna having access to weapon attacks and magical spells. Up to two party members can assist her at a time.

Losing certain battles will trigger sex scenes, whilst other events are part of the storyline. Additionally, Luna will become gradually corrupted as she has sex. There are also four OVAs that have been adapted from the game.

This is the story of Luna, a girl said to be the "devil child" and was shunned by everyone around her, living a secluded life. Fate finally smiled upon her as she encountered Jill, the princess of the Grants Kingdom and a young girl of Luna's age. Unwavered of the stigma placed upon Luna by the masses, Jill quickly befriended her and took Luna under her care. Grateful of the kindness Jill has shown towards her, Luna began to train under Rahab, the knight captain who has adopted her, striving to one day become Jill's knight.

However, things quickly took a turn for the worse as Luna accompanied the princess onto an expedition for her coming-of-age ceremony. A group of bandits ambushed them at the destination, killing most of their escort and kidnapping Jill, leaving Luna as the sole survivor of the encounter, who returns to Grants with a parasite planted inside her by the bandit leader.

Upon her return, Luna was swiftly condemned and thrown into prison for losing the princess. With the help of her former comrades, she escaped from prison and was then branded as a traitor. Determined to save her best friend and to clear her name, Luna embarked on the lonely journey to find the captured princess.

You can purchase Lilitales at the promotional price of $16.99 on Steam and Jast USA. The promotion will last until the 17th of October, at which point the game will cost $19.99 at full price. Lilitales is also available on DLsite for about $19.29, estimated from ¥2,090. A demo of the game is available on the DLsite store page.

The Steam version of the game doesn't contain pornographic content. However, you can download and install it separately from Kagura Games' website.

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