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Visual novel publisher Cherry Kiss Games has launched a sale to commemorate their second anniversary on the market.

With this month came the second anniversary of Cherry Kiss Games, who decided to celebrate by offering a large selection of visual novels on sale. Until the 18th of October, you can get the following games at promotional prices:

Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition - $5.99 at 60% off on Steam and IndieGala.

This visual novel is a romantic adventure of Kazuma, a young man returning to his hometown in the countryside to reunite with his old friends. Meeting them again he finds out that they weren’t humans, but are in reality animal spirits in human forms.

Inugami: Doggy Dojo! - $4.79 at 60% on Steam and IndieGala.

The story follows a young man from a family of martial artists, who tried to run away from his stern father, but was instead caught and sent off to a deserted island with a note from his dad: he’s not to return until he defeats the monster inhabiting the island. Said monster turns out to be an attractive kemonomimi dog girl, who’s in need of youthful essence.

Commander Babes - $5.99 at 50% off on Steam and IndieGala.

The protagonist of this romantic comedy is a student named Jun, who sees his friend Yui accidentally break an expensive vase. To their surprise, from its shattered remains emerge two renowned generals from the Sengoku era: Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Shingen, who also turn out to be very attractive women. It falls on Jun to help the legendary leaders adapt to living in modern Japan.

Deviant Dungeon - $5.99 at 50% off on Steam and IndieGala.

The protagonist of Deviant Dungeon is an everyday gamer who’s transported to another world by the queen of demons. She gives him the task of being a dungeon master, and soon after the worlds’ strongest heroines approach his domain.

Angel, Devil, Elf and Me! - $5.99 at 50% off on Steam and IndieGala.

One day, three women from a fantasy world make their way into Ayumu’s living room through a portal. As it turns out, Ayumu is a descendant of a legendary hero, and the girls badly need his essence, for which they soon begin competing.

Tsundere Idol - $4.99 at 50% off on Steam and IndieGala.

This nukige visual novel follows a student named Kota, who’s a classmate of popular idol Rui Kurumizaka. One day he covers for her by claiming to be the owner of scandalous magazines that fell out of her bag, thus beginning their relationship.

Breeding Village - $6.99 at 30% off on Steam and IndieGala.

You’re a newcomer to the titular Breeding Village, a place where women are in need of capable young men to procreate with. The story is a short nukige featuring fifteen sex scenes.

Master of the Harem Guild - $6.49 at 50% off on IndieGala.

After being ridiculed by four heroines from a prestigious guild, monster tamer Damien embarks on a quest towards the forest of evil to prove once and for all that he's meant to be a great hero. Instead, he meets a demon who grants him corrupted magic. Armed with the new power, Damien makes his way back to the guild planning revenge.

Mother Daughter Pleasure Pets - $7.99 at 20% off on IndieGala.

To combat declining birthrate, Japan introduces a system for consensual sex slavery known as pleasure pets. The story follows Kaede, a young man without any particular talents, who decides to persuade his step mother and her daughter to become his pets.

Catgirl & Doggirl Cafe - $7.99 at 20% off on IndieGala.

In this visual novel, you're summoned into a fantasy world and brought in front of the king, who demands that you open an otherworldly cafe to serve his people food from your dimension. On the opening day you witness a slave dragging two animal-like girls, and decide to spend your budget on saving them.

The sale will be available on Steam and IndieGala until the 18th of October.

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