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Kagura Games has published an adventure RPG developed by Lovely Pretty Ultra Loving You, titled Trapped on Monster Island.

The protagonist of Trapped on Monster Island is a slave girl named Eris. While being abused on a ship, a magical entity invites her to an island paradise. She accepts, and a storm ensues, sinking the ship and sending her ashore.

While there Eris meets an entity, the goddess of the island, who grants Eris a blessing. As it turns out, there was a catch in the invitation: the goddess needs a fertile female to help her populate the island and upkeep the ecosystem, but her magic only works on humans. Because of that, she decided to take the Eris to the island and grant her four magical gifts: immortality, boundless fertility, the ability to cross-breed, and an aura making nearby males lustful.

As a result, Eris’ life of abuse hasn’t ended, and instead of being the toy of her master, she’s became the breeding toy of the entire island. Her only chance to run away lies in destroying magical shrines protecting the island, but she’s too weak and feeble to accomplish it on her own.

The gameplay of Trapped on Monster Island is that of an RPG with a heavy emphasis on story. Eris can freely explore the island, but is limited by a low pool of stamina, and an inherit lack of fighting skills. Thankfully, whenever she becomes pregnant with a monster, the father will follow her and protect her. Additionally, every concurrent child is stronger than the previous thanks to the goddesses’ blessing. As such, your goal is to find a suitable mate and breed a strong partner to help you face the island’s dangers.

You can purchase Trapped on Monster Island on Steam at the promotional price of $8.99. The promotion ends on the 10th of October, at which point the game will cost $9.99.

The game’s erotic content has to be downloaded separately as a patch available on Kagura Games’ website.

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