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Game development circle angelica party has released their turn-based, roguelike RPG, LUST DEMON Lisavlie, on DLsite.

LUST DEMON Lisavlie is a turn-based, roguelike RPG following the titular heroine. While riding a train, Lisavlie was mysteriously transported to another world, where monsters attacked her on sight. A powerful girl named Alice turned Lisavlie into a lust demon to save her, granting her superhuman strength, but also increasing her body’s sensitivity tenfold. Now, Lisavlie has to brave through the monster-infested town in search of a way home.

The gameplay begins at a church, which functions as a hub, where Lisavlie can get advice from various NPCs and select equipment for her next adventure. Once she enters the town, her vision range becomes highly limited. She can walk, turn in eight directions, shoot with a rifle, or attack with a melee weapon. Enemies will move only when Lisavlie does, as they attempt to molest, strip, and rape her. Upon defeat, Lisavlie will reawaken at the church, but will have lost her levels and gear.

LUST DEMON Lisavlie features a durability system. Weapons will wear down with usage, becoming weaker until they break. At the same time, her clothes can be ripped off by monsters, making it easier for them to abuse her. Majority of the erotic scenes in the game are displayed as sprites on the right side of the screen, with some of them being full-screen CGs instead.

Avoid interspecies rape and traps, and proceed, covered in sperm,

leaking milk and love juice all the way, through this roguelike game.

Lisavlie is transported to an unfamiliar place where she becomes a lust demon.

Lust demons become 100 times stronger than humans through sexual subjugation,

but they are also 10 times more sensitive....

As she is gang raped by monsters, leaking feminine fluids on her way to the exit, can

Lisavlie return to the real world?

You can purchase LUST DEMON Lisavlie from DLsite for about $14.40, estimated from ¥1,540.

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