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Fans of BANDAI NAMCO Studios’ latest action RPG, Code Vein, have created mods undressing the player characters.

Fans of anime-esque video games have been showing great interest in Code Vein. Among them were many modders wanting to undress the player characters, and they have succeeded in doing so. Within the past two days, a collection of mods was uploaded to Nexus Mods providing players with the opportunity to play as nude heroes.

One of the first creations was the invisible mask mod by asdasdasdasdasd, which allows players to hide the obligatory gas mask from view. The first naked mod was produced by Karbon, who has created the pants remover and female nude mods, which allow female player characters to run around in either underwear, or nothing at all. Meanwhile, Sakura4 has produced a modification that undresses male characters, and even contains male genitals. Code Vein did not possess fully nude models within its files, so the naked meshes had to be created by the modders themselves.

You can download the invisible mask mod, outfit 5 pants remover, a female nude mod, and a male nude mod from NexusMods.

All of the mods can be installed by inserting the .pak file in the game's ~mods folder which should be located at game folder\CodeVein\Content\Paks\~mods. If the folder is not present at that location, you will be required to create it yourself. To uninstall the mods you only have to delete the file from the folder.

Code Vein is an action RPG developed by BANDAI NAMCO Studios with Keita Iizuka as the producer. The game puts strong emphasis on ruthless combat with strong enemies, stamina management, and a variety of weapons and special abilities at the player’s disposal. To alleviate difficulty associated with the genre, players have the option to enlist aid from friendly NPCs as well as other players. Currently, modding is only supported by the PC version of the game, which you can purchase on Steam for $59.99.

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