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Top Hat Studios Inc has published Our Lovely Escape by Reine Works, a visual novel about otome VN developers growing closer.

Our Lovely Escape is a romantic visual novel centered around a small studio of indie developers working on otome VNs. The story’s protagonist is an intern whose gender and name are chosen by the reader. They’ve been working at the studio for quite a while, but haven’t yet shaken off the newcomer’s feel.

The story is focused on the protagonist’s growing relationship with three other girls working at the studio: a lazy artist, a stern manager, and an introverted programmer. The visual novel is up to seven hours long, with three branching story routes, fifteen endings, and animated CGs.

Your life is a peaceful one. Each day, you work alongside your (otherwise?) all-female workforce in the pursuit of creating otome games.

Will you complete your life with a cute girlfriend, or will you be doomed to a life of normalcy?

Find out in this (mostly...?) normal visual novel! Experience all the twists, turns, drama and...more of living a normal, office job life.

● Gorgeous, high-quality japanese artwork

● HD (1920x1080 native) resolution

● Three character routes, all with branching paths

● Play as a man or woman - affects gameplay and the story too!

● 15 endings

● 4 to 7 hours of fun

● E-mail mini-game

● Animated CGs!

● Steam Achievements!

● 19+ CGs, all with variations

● Classic JVN-inspired original soundtrack

● Available in both English & Simplified Chinese

You can purchase Our Lovely Escape on Steam at the promotional price of $8.99. The promotion will last until the 7th of October, at which point the visual novel will cost $9.99. The game’s adult content is available separately as free DLC. A demo of the visual novel can be found on

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