Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

You’ll need to go deeper to find a missing king in the rusimadudou’s third game, Dungeon of Erotic Master.

Dungeon of Erotic Master is about the search for the King of Explorers. He wanted to challenge a challenging dungeon with his trusted companions. A month had passed and everyone believed he died in that dungeon. Vaggis, his granddaughter, wants his remains returned for a proper burial, so she hires three high ranking swordswomen to for the job. She hired mercenaries a few times in the past, but they all told her that her grandfather went much deeper into the dungeon. One of the main reasons adventurers stay away from this dungeon is because it's filled with robust and lustful monsters. This fact doesn’t bother our three swordswomen, though, as they’re perverts who are looking for a good fucking.

The gameplay in Dungeon of Erotic Master has a first person perspective, a turn-based combat system, animated H-scenes, and a small map that automatically fills itself. Throughout the dungeon, you will encounter chests, hazardous traps, and other characters. The map will always mark off the location of what you find.

In battle, the combat is typical of a turn-based ero RPG. The only difference is that monsters can rape you immediately when it is their turn. An animated H-scene will happen in the bottom left corner and end with one of the swordswomen lying on the ground exhausted. The battle is only lost when all three girls get raped and swarmed by monsters, but this is still not a game over. They will get back up and continue their adventure, but they're left with 1 HP.


This is a pseudo-3D dungeon RPG with animations.

The gameplay is like that of Wi*ardry + H systems

Auto-mapping function is employed and a small map is always

displayed for those who are not good at this type of games.

Can also be played comfortably with a gamepad.

* Key config is disabled in the trial version.


Go deep into a dungeon with 22 levels to find the missing King of Explorers!

The command "Provocation" that everybody can use is effective against monsters with

levels lower than the party level. When it takes effect, the monsters will go away leaving some money.

Save their HP as much as possible with the provocation command

and defeat an "Area Boss" to go deeper!

You can buy Dungeon of Erotic Master on DLsite for $16.31. A demo is also available if you would like to try out the game for yourself. Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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