If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Maggot Baits will be crawling in this October, with pre-orders now available through MangaGamer's website.

From the developer that brought you euphoria and EROGE! Sex and Games Make Sexy Games, CLOCKUP’s Maggot Baits will release soon. Winner of the Top Fetish Game in the 2015 Moege Awards, Maggot Baits is a gruesome and hardcore visual novel.

The game takes place in Pandemonium, a former metropolis that turned into a demonic city of supernatural happenings overnight. After unidentified beings called “Witches” started showing up, the government took control of the area and quarantined it. The city became desolate and many minor criminals, illegal immigrants, and debtors went into hiding there. Black market dealers, prostitutes, and yakuza soon followed, making Pandemonium a metropolis untouchable by the law.

Several years after the quarantine, Tsunuga Shougo, a man who wants to take down the organization in charge of Pandemonium, meets a Witch. Together, they will fight against evil in a ruthless town that only wants to corrupt and swallow them whole.


Tsunuga Shougo

A tall, reticent young man. Protagonist of the story.

He’s a professional at close combat, excelling in the use of martial arts and all small firearms. His body is a mass of physically honed muscles. He takes up the lone fight of trying to destroy the organization that effectively controls the Pandemonium.

At present he acts alongside one Witch, Carol.

Carol the Witch

One of the “Witches”. A cold beauty with slender build and sharp eyes.

She speaks little and hardly ever shows a smile. Unlike most Witches, she acts alongside the human, Tsunuga. Tsunuga is also the only one she turns to for replenishing her power (having sex).

Her Brutal Edge is a greatsword as long as her height.

Gloria the Witch

A rough, cheerful Witch who likes fighting, regardless of good or evil.

She generally pays little mind to details, and acts like an older sister with a strong spirit. She’s friendly with Tsunuga, but she prefers being a lone wolf over acting alongside him. She helps him out if she finds him in danger, at least.

Her Brutal Edge is a greataxe.

Wilma the Witch

She’s always collected and logical, an intelligent type who disdains combat, which is rare for a Witch.

She’s also more mentally mature than other Witches, and as a result also more cynical and introspective. She’s friendly with Tsunuga, and generally acts alongside him, but that’s because their interests are aligned.

Her Brutal Edge is a Western halberd.

Matsumaru Serika

One of Carol and Tsunuga’s allies, she’s a girl who gathers information in the city. She’s clever, fearless, talks a lot, and laughs a lot.

She’s a tough girl who doesn’t quite possess the wit to make it in the criminal city, but it’s a mystery why she places herself in such a dangerous city.

Igou Nobutake

An accomplice who has some kind of connection to Tsunuga’s past.

He secretly supports them by selling them arms and munitions from outside the city.

Maggot Baits will release on October 24th. You can pre-order the game on MangaGamer for the discounted price of $40.45. The full price will be $44.95.

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