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Melted Bubblegum Is Making Crystal Hearts

Independent developer Shiva has created the Melted Bubblegum Studio to produce an adult RPG titled Crystal Hearts.

Crystal Hearts begins at night, with the protagonist Yuri on his way to a shack a lengthy distance away from the village. Yuri is an orphan raised by a farmer and is childhood friends with Parvati, the girl that happens to be living in the shack. Due to Parvati’s initiative, things become intimate, but afterwards she requests that Yuri leave and preferably doesn’t seek her again in the future. More tragedy strikes on his way back, however, as Yuri sees the village burning in the distance.

The game is being developed by Shiva, who created Melted Bubblegum Studio for that purpose. For now, he’s the sole developer working on the project, but hopes to expand his team in the future. His goal is to explore ways of spreading art and ideas, and create an immersive story.

The current demo of Crystal Hearts allows you only to explore the barn and its surroundings, in the fashion of 2D side-scrollers, and participate in one cutscene. In the future, the game will contain a larger world, and feature a turn-based combat system inspired by the Final Fantasy series. You can find out more about the game from the official description and sample screenshots below:

Crystal Hearts is an RPG game containing adult content. In this world, you will lead an orphan boy raised by a farmer, that will be pushed into an adventure in the searching of her missing sister. The world is situated in a Futuristic World dominated by 3 main races. Humans, Ferals and Crystal-Hearted ones.

Game Features and Mechanics

• RPG Styled game with turn based combat mechanics. (If you love FF saga, you will love this game)

• 2D Side-Scrolling World.

• Deep story and lore. (This is not just another rpg +18 game. I am including a meaningful story that will last in your hearts)

• Engaging conversations. (You will be fascinated by the unique personality of each character who must face difficult dilemmas)

• Your decisions will matter. (Impactful results and consequences due to your decisions)

• Fantastic art!

You can download a public alpha of Crystal Hearts and support Melted Bubblegum on Patreon.

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