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Kissing gets intense and competitive for four little sisters in the visual novel Onii Kiss: Onii-chan, Where’s My Kiss?

Developed by Tinkle Position and published by Sol Press, Onii Kiss: Onii-chan, Where’s My Kiss? is a visual novel with an interactive kissing minigame. You play as the only man in the household, living together with your mom and four little sisters. Ever since you were a child, your mom had a weird rule about kissing for any situation. There were good morning kisses, good night kisses, kisses before going to the bathroom, kisses before picking up the phone, and more.

One day, you’re forced to move into a different house so you can focus on your studies. It’s your sisters’ job to bring you a late night snack, but they started to argue over who would bring it to you. To stop their bickering, a new rule was made: “The one who gets the most kisses today gets to bring Onii-chan his snack!” Now, your sisters are competing against each other and you’re the prize.

Onii❤Kiss is a visual novel with a twist! Play through the life of a family that likes to kiss each other a little too much! Story segments are broken up with interactive kissing mini-games where YOU can choose which of your sisters you want to kiss and, more importantly, where on their face you want to kiss them!


• Four cute little sisters to dote on.

• Interactive Kissing Mini-game.

• Listen to your favorite imouto songs in the music player.

• Experience wholesome family bonding moments.

• Full female voice cast.

• Bonus Mom route!

You can buy Onii Kiss: Onii-chan, Where’s My Kiss? from FAKKU, Denpasoft, JASTUSA, and Sol Press for $24.99. The version on Sol Press is for all ages, but you can download the decensoring patch for free from Panty Press.

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