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Shoot to either kill or penetrate your targets in the FPS ryona nukige Orchid Rain, also known as Ryona Assassins.

Dorumeka’s game was released on September 4th as Ryona Assassins, but in October, they will officially change the name to Orchid Rain and add more features to the game. Inspired by Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, and Half-Life, Orchid Rain currently features levels with mission objectives, an endless survival mode, and AI battle. You can either kill your enemies or shoot them with a dart gun to knock them unconscious. There are different ways to kill, insane weapons, and a non-intrusive narrative. Endless Survival mode is when is when waves of enemies will continue to attack you. AI battle lets you watch AI-controlled characters shoot each other until one wins. During this mode, you can also make the models ragdoll or explode at the click of a button.

The October update will change the game’s name and add sex mechanics. After shooting a dart at a girl, she will go unconscious and fall down into a very compromising pose. You can then pull out a dildo from your inventory and fuck her with it. There is a preview of the sexual mechanics on imgur.com.


- Gameplay inspired by games like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and Half-Life

- One tribute level from an old game, with 4 mission objectives (not available in free demo)- Original game walkthrough (might be a spoiler)

- Endless survival mode where you battle against waves of enemies (not available in free demo)

- AI Battle: watch the AI fight each other

You can buy Orchid Rain on Itch.io for $3.00. There is a demo available, but it only has the AI battle available. Dorumeka also has a Patreon page if you want to know more about their plans for the game.

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