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MangaGamer has published Farther Than the Blue Sky, a romance visual novel by Chuablesoft with a science theme.

Farther Than the Blue Sky takes place in the prestigious Academy of the Amanoshima Island, a school with an aerospace program. The school has many science clubs, where students gather to tackle rocket science in pursuit of their future career. Our protagonist, Hayabusa Otoya, is the only male member of the Byakko club, which has been threatened with dissolution. If he and the girls on his team want to preserve their club, they will have to win the upcoming rocket competition. To do so, they set themselves a lofty goal: build a rocket that will breach the Kármán line, at the altitude of 100 km.

You can watch the opening video, read about the other club members, and see sample screenshots below:

Akatsuki Arisa

Arisa is so crazy about rockets that she’ll do anything to get them launched. In front of strangers she’s polite and friendly, but her real personality is violent and strict, especially toward the protagonist. However, this is merely a reflection of how much she cares about him; she’s just not all that open about her feelings. She can also be surprised to show a weaker, cuter side of herself. Kaho and Arisa often have conflicting opinions and spar verbally.

Reimei Kaho

Kaho is considerate of others and rarely shows much emotion, but she’s also gentle and honest. She doesn’t talk much, but any topic related to rockets can loosen her tongue. She tries to rely on others as little as possible, but it seems that she has taken a liking to the protagonist. An event in her past damaged her eyes and she can only read from a few centimeters away. Still, she prefers to wear glasses only when she works.

Michibiki Honoka

Honoka is amiable, full of curiosity, and always ready to play a prank on someone. Everyone gets along with her. She’s the protagonist’s childhood friend and they were recently reunited after not having seen each other for a year. Her pranks can be of a very provocative nature and the protagonist finds it difficult not to get carried along. Her family owns a workshop that manufactures a variety of rocket parts. She’s extremely talented in her father’s line of work, which requires high dexterity and skill, but does nothing productive with her abilities.

Ibuki Nazuna

Nazuna is an airhead who loves rockets, burning things, and is loaded. Much of what she says sounds crazy to other people and she has trouble holding conversations, but it all makes sense if you listen carefully and get on her wavelength. Her father is AXIP’s chairman of the board and she’s been in contact with rockets since she was very small. This makes her a very capable rocket scientist, especially in the field of propellants. She’s been friends with Arisa since they were small children.

You can purchase Farther Than the Blue Sky on MangaGamer at a promotional price of $40.45. After the promotion ends, the game will cost $44.95 at full price.

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