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MangaGamer has revealed the release date for Amatarasu Riddle Star, and has begun taking pre-orders for the visual novel.

Amatarasu Riddle Star begins in a mundane, modern world. The story’s protagonist, Doumoto Takaya, used to believe that fantastical things like androids and moon rabbits inhabited the world, but as he grew up, he realized how unrealistic his fantasies were. Despite that, he makes a wish upon a shooting star one day, and then he and his childhood friend Yua witness as the world around them changes, as fantasy becomes reality. It doesn’t take long before they meet a rabbit girl, a princess, an android, and many more whimsical girls, who suddenly inhabit their town.

Amatarasu Riddle Star is a romantic visual novel featuring five main characters, multiple endings, and hundreds of CGs. The story focuses on the choices Takaya has to make now that the world became as bizarre and wondrous as he wished it to be.

Below, you can read more about the heroines of Amatarasu Riddle Star, and see some sample screenshots:

Arisu Yua

Doumoto Takaya’s childhood friend.

She has a very friendly disposition, and gets along well with all of the new, yet mysterious inhabitants of their town. She loves stargazing, making up her own constellations and their back stories, as well as going on late-night picnics with Takaya.

Kokoro Judith

Appeared following the events of the meteor shower. She’s normally calm and composed, but occasionally becomes tongue-tied whenever Takaya is involved. Judith is also inexperienced as far as the ways of the world, and will sometimes get the wrong idea if something strange happens. Judith is also the Princess, President of the Student Council, the Chairman, and the Headmaster of Akashiro Academy.

Yukishiro Miu

The mysterious rabbit-eared girl Takaya and Yua spotted on the night of the meteor shower, who later transfers into their school, Akashiro Academy. She is very shy and timid around everyone by Takaya and Yua. She loves to read, and is easily excitable when talking about fairytales. Unfortunately for her, Miu’s rabbit ears tend to pop out whenever she’s surprised or panicked.

Hatta Madori

An underclassman Takaya met in the tea ceremony room. She’s always wearing a hat and refuses to take it off no matter what. Madori has a rather mischievous personality, and enjoys pressing her large breasts against Takaya in order to get a rise out of him. She’s a member of the Library Committee, but pops her head into the Tea Ceremony Club now and again.


A strange girl who is always smiling, and has an almost all-knowing gaze. Upon their first meeting, Ai professed to Takaya that she was a shooting star. She seems to show up at the most unexpected times, and occasionally appears before Takaya when he’s in desperate need of help. Ai can be rather unpredictable, as her behavior usually consists of taking a nap on the club room’s veranda, or showing up unexpectedly for breakfast at Takaya’s house.


An android maid and Judith’s loyal servant.

She puts her master’s well-being above of all else, and can even use her head as a projectile (known as the “Rocket Headbutt”) to silence those who would dare disrespect her. Hire often acts as Headmaster while Judith is in class. She loves tarts and would even steal them from her master. Even if it’s completely obvious, she wouldn’t bat an eyelash while sticking to her lie.

You can pre-order Amatarasu Riddle Star on MangaGamer at a promotional price of $33.95. The visual novel will be released on October 10th on MangaGamer and Steam and will cost $39.95 at full price.

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