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An independent developer Phazyn is working on 7th Heaven, a visual novel with management elements that is set in the world of Final Fantasy VII.

In 7th Heaven you assume the role of Johnny, a regular drinker at the titular bar, located in the slums of Midgard. During one of your visits, you discover that the bar is going through a rough patch, as it has no money to speak off. After a brief discussion, the owner Barret and the barmaid Tifa come up with a new plan to make extra earnings: Tifa is going to dance at the tables to attract customers and generate extra income. You're taken on to man the bar in her place, as well as manage her dancing career.

The game is for the most part a visual novel. As you try to improve the bar and lead your life, you will meet other characters: Aerith, her perverted mother, and the Avalanche operatives — including Jessie. Management gameplay is currently limited to balancing Tifa’s stamina reserves by deciding when she should dance, practice with a mentor, or rest. In the future, you will also be able to fully train and corrupt Tifa’s morals, as well as help Aerith with her flower business.

7th Heaven is being made by Phazyn, a freelance artist trying to dedicate himself to creating pornography. His hopes are to build enough regular funding as to no longer need to do side jobs, and fully focus on developing the erotic parody.

You can find a public release demo of 7th Heaven on Phazyn’s Patreon. Future builds of the game will be available to patrons for a month, before becoming public. A singular donation of $50, through the highest support tier, will grant you permanent access to future early releases, even if you stop your patronage.

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