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Free-to-Play RPG Otogi Frontier R Launched on Nutaku

Delve into fairy tales with an erotic spin in the strategic RPG, Otogi Frontier R, available on Nutaku.

Otogi Frontier R is a free-to-play game that features girls loosely based on characters from fairy tales and other well-known stories. All of these girls were created through the human imagination and exist in Otogiland, a world more fantastical than reality, and they all receive their power from the stories they originate from. When a man suddenly finds himself in Otogiland, the balance between the Elmight and the Demight is broken, plunging everything into chaos.

The simple controls and a battle system of Otogi Frontier R makes things easy to get into. Along with the story related content, there are event limited quests, daily quests, raid events, missions, and more. In the game you will find girls with distinct personalities from beloved fairy tales and other stories such as Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Don Quixote, and more.

A completely original story telling the aftermath of the fairy tales we all know!!

Inside the world of fairy tale which differs from reality, there is Otogiland.

Born and shaped from human imagination, Otogiland residents gain strength and life from human's fairy tales.

The protagonist, an ordinary man with tremendous Elmight, gets led astray into Otogiland.

Balancing with the Elmight, this world also consists of its counterpart, the Demight.

But now, the balance is broken, causing disasters within Otogiland...


■A completely original story

Dive into a deeply detailed story filled with characters with incredibly diversified personalities.

■Incredibly beautiful battles with simple controls!

With simple controls, anyone can easily dive into battle.

■A profusion of contents

Starting with the story, proceed through event limited quests, daily quests, raid events, missions and much more content are available!

You can find Otogi Frontier R and play it for free on Nutaku.

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