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ULMF user candyfloss has fully translated Jumble Jokers, a comedic RPG with an in-depth rape system.

Jumble Jokers, an RPG produced by とらうま商事, was fully translated by a user of ULMF nicknamed candyfloss. His effort was aided by the likes of yugifan3, who previously produced a partial translation of the title, as well as kR1pt0n1t3 and Strange, who helped with the game’s technical issues.

Jumble Jokers is a comedic RPG about a group of women — a princess, a mercenary warrior, a holy mage, and a wizard apprentice — pursuing a renowned mage, who entered a sacred forest without permission. The game’s writing is littered with cultural references and gag solutions to problems, amplified by a degree of ignorance towards the fourth wall.

Battles are turn-based affairs, with the girls being able to attack and use skills, most of which require mana. Monsters have their unique moves as well, but they also share a capture skill. Whenever a monster successfully uses the capture skill on a girl, she cannot do anything, and the monster will continuously rape her on each turn. This can be stopped by either killing the monster or using the rescue skill.

While the monster is busy with sex, it won’t attack, allowing the rest of the party to damage it freely, as long as you let it prey on a girl; however, if you take too long, the monster will impregnate her. If you don’t abort the child, the girl will eventually give birth to a powerful monster offspring, which will escape into the wilds. Finding and killing that monster will provide unique loot.

You can purchase Jumble Jokers on DLsite for ¥1,296, roughly equal to $12 at the time of writing. The English patch for the game can be found in candyfloss’ topic on ULMF.

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