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The latest edition of our Lewd Spotlight artist interviews has us meeting QueenComplex, an erotic artist completely ingrained into erotic parodies and rule 34.

LewdGamer: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

QueenComplex: I’m an artist that some people on the internet have come to know as QueenComplex, or just Queen; might be a little misleading in more than one way, especially since I’m in the business of mainly drawing porn.

On a broader level, I’m just a guy (let’s just clear that up early) that is living a life somewhat similar to a recluse that draws porn and has a pretty good internet connection. I’m mostly kind of trapped in a daily cycle of drawing, playing vidja, browsing the web and doing basic calisthenics to not feel like a total degenerate. In a way, I’m just trying to live a very cost-effective lifestyle, until I have stable income enough money to afford having a life.

LewdGamer: How and when did you start drawing?

QueenComplex: Since kindergarten, as far as I can recall, but that’s most everybody, I believe.

I really started getting somewhat serious about drawing in, I think, middle school. Having a job that would have been like art classes sounded much better than any other alternative at the time; however, even then, I was well aware of the strife artists have to go through to earn a comfortable living. So, I tried pushing it hard and early in the fields of visual arts.

LewdGamer: How long have you been drawing lewd artwork and what got you into it?

QueenComplex: I really started doing it in late 2015.

At the time, I had just finished high school and tried to enter my country’s National Art Academy, but I wasn’t able to pass the entrance exams the first time. It wasn’t that big of a deal. I accepted that it was probably better to spend at least one year getting to know the real world in the workforce, so that I wouldn’t become too out of touch from the real world by spending all my life in learning institutions.

However, my failing the entrance exams showed that I still had to learn and practice the arts, so drawing porn seemed like a good way to get both a lot of drawing practice and some taste of holding my own in the free market.

Why porn? To be honest, it was mostly about the money and I had heard that sex sells. Sure, it was also because of my growing up in the internet age. I often spent time looking up lewds of my cartoon crushes, but a little part of me always looked at those drawings with a critical eye and I often wanted to see what would have been the best I could have drawn.

LewdGamer: How did you arrive at your current art style?

QueenComplex: I guess that which could be considered 'my art-style' (or art-styles) formed from me trying to just remake characters in more pornographic circumstances, but to still make them feel somewhat "authentic".

Thus, the main strategy I tried to master was to replicate the linework of the original characters and mix them with my best attempt to render them in ‘realistic’ lighting. There are nuances to this approach, though: sometimes, I modify the character’s line work to fit the shading, or sometimes I modify the rules of lighting to better mix with the character’s original art-styles.

However, recently I’ve been straying away from fully rendered drawings. This is largely to finish more drawings in less time, because I’ve been delving in drawing comics as of late. I am not forfeiting the style, it’s just that’s a period I’m in right now.

LewdGamer: Do you draw for a particular kind of audience?

QueenComplex: I don't really set out to hit a demographic that could be labeled with something like a fetish. I draw mostly what I like at that certain time. In a way, I do it with the conscious aim to form a following that would share a kind of synchronicity with my tastes.

If I were to try to give some sort of a common, consistent label that could be applied to my followers, I guess it would be “Western animation oriented” as opposed to Eastern/Anime, because that is most of what I draw.

LewdGamer What is your favorite character and fetish to draw?

QueenComplex: Favorite characters? There are so many I like to draw. Most of them are from media I grew up with; however, what gets actually drawn more often depends on the circumstance of the mood and inspiration of the time. Previous well-received drawings often embolden me to draw the same characters again. Which is why I think I find myself drawing from pools of characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Teen Titans most often.

If we are talking fetishes… I think for me, more often the closest thing to fetishes are just types of female characters or cosmetic elements on them that I prefer, like one would a fetish.

When I think up a drawing, I rarely conceptualize them around fetishes. I put greater importance on capturing an authentic feel of the characters I draw, and how they would react in sexual situations. So, in the fetish department, I think I’m often pretty vanilla.

Except maybe incest. I do find myself drawing it sometimes. It’s kind of an odd one; it’s not something visual, as it is just contextual. I have to admit that I do kind of like it when it fits the characters, like Zucest for example. For me, it’s in the sweet spot where it doesn’t look weird out of context, but in context, it carries a weight of taboo which also does add a layer of character dynamic. I think it works for me similarly like good horror writing - “what you don’t see, scares you the most”. “The fetish you don’t see, but know is there, is the hottest.”

LewdGamer: Is there anything you wouldn't draw?

QueenComplex: I’m iffy about mixing a lot of forms of violence with sex. I hope to never have to draw anything similar to torture or gore for pornographic purposes. Even when I draw BDSM, it’s usually pretty mild; it’s mostly just the black latex outfits that make it “BDSM”. The farthest I push it is with expressions of fear and shock if the subject matter borders on the non-consensual, but having to draw tears on a character who is being raped would be too much for my tastes.

I hope to never have the need to draw a lot of bodily function stuff like scat, vomit, and urination.

On the same list, I could add a lot of Deviant Art favorites, like diapers, vore, and inflation.

Also, I really don’t want to draw anything pornographic focusing on characters that could be labeled as shotas or lolis. I have come pretty close to that in some of my most early peaces back when I was testing out whatever could get me more commissioners, but now I kind of regret making a lot of those. The youngest I draw now are teens that could pass as over 18.

LewdGamer: Do you ever face any difficulties in your drawing process?

QueenComplex: Oh, it has to be the beginning part, or penciling as some might understand it. Ironically, it might be the part with the least time spent between the pen contacting the drawing surface, but it is the most mentally intensive part for me. The rest of the drawing steps pretty much just include following the “trajectory” of the previous steps, but with the very first step there is no such privilege. I always have to try to spawn something new out of the same blank page. There is also the added pressure of the first step laying the foundation for the rest of the drawing. Everything needs to be considered – where the shadows will drop; does the covered anatomy makes sense; how to better compose the colored objects and tones. Often times in that part, it feels like I spend more time on getting glasses of water just to take breaks from the stress.

LewdGamer: Could you briefly describe some of the projects you're currently working on?

QueenComplex: I’ve recently gotten really into drawing comics, of which the main one to note is the Avatar comic containing a lot of “Zucest”. I’m currently at the last pages. It should be done this September.

I’ve also made the first page for a new Teen Titans comic, only focusing on Raven and Starfire this time. I’ve made a set of pictures with Teen Titans before, which some might call a comic, not so certain about that, but this next one is definitely a comic. It will be much shorter than the Avatar one, but all the drawings will be fully shaded. Work on the second page will start much later though, because after the Zucest comic, I will try making an animation of something for the first time.

QueenComplex can be reached directly via Twitter, where he frequently posts previews and complete art pieces.

QueenComplex is part of a growing artist network known as the Kupaa Networks, directly affiliated with LewdGamer. QueenComplex's artistic endeavors can be directly supported by subscribing to his website.

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