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Yuri Visual Novel Roomie Romance Is Now Available on Steam

Dharker Studio has released Roomie Romance, a yuri visual novel about a girl moving to a different city.

Roomie Romance begins with Mira Sakurai being accepted for an internship by a gaming company known as Paradies Cover. As a result, she has to move to a different city, where she will live with a new housemate: a female senpai.

Roomie Romance focuses mainly on the relationship between Mira and her senpai but features three other girls alongside them, two of which appeared in Dharker Studio’s previous visual novel, Negligee. The story features dialogue choices, which can lead to multiple endings.

Your start at a new job was always going to be hard, a new city, a new place to fit in.

But it is made far worse when you fall at first sight with your new housemate and Senpai at work.

The game follows the growing relationship between Mira and her new Senpai over the course of a year, in true visual novel style gameplay your decisions will determine not only the events that occur throughout the game, but who you meet along the way, how you interact with them and what ending (from several) you will receive.

You can purchase Roomie Romance on Steam at a promotional price of $13.49. The promotion ends on the 20th of September, at which point the game will cost $14.99.

Roomie Romance has launched together with a season pass DLC, Roomie Romance - Extra Stories, which features episodes set after the true ending of the base novel. Currently, it features one story taking place at a bathhouse. In the future, it will be further expanded with new episodes involving maids, exercising, playing on camera, a summer festival, and a winter holiday.

You can purchase the DLC on Steam at a promotional price of $5.39. As with the main game, the promotion ends on the 20th of September, at which point the DLC will cost $5.99.

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