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Visual novel publisher and localizing firm Denpasoft has organized a sale featuring natively English visual novels.

Denpasoft has begun a sale on their digital store, composed of products from Western developers. It features visual novels, downloadable content, original soundtracks, and singles. For the upcoming week, you can acquire:

From Love in Space

At 74% off

Sunrider Academy ($2.50)

Sunrider Academy - Theme Song ($0.75)

The second game in the Sunrider series, Sunrider Academy, is a high school sci-fi comedy following the student council vice president Kayto, on his quest to fix problems within the school’s various clubs. This task will lead Kayto towards the kendo club, the swimming club, and the science club, each of which is headed by a female club captain.

Sunrider: Liberation Day ($6.25)

Sunrider: Liberation Day - Theme Song ($1.25)

The third game in the series and a sequel to the first, Sunrider: Liberation Day is a sci-fi drama about a galactic war. Here, Kayto is a captain in the Cera Space Force, and a commander of the titular Sunrider. The visual novel features mecha battles and a wide cast of female characters. A future sequel was announced, but has no set release date so far.

At 50% off

Shining Song Starnova Limited Edition ($22.50)

At 49% off

Shining Song Starnova ($15.00)

At 20% off

Shining Song Starnova - Vocal Collection ($7.99)

Shining Song Starnova - Original Soundtrack ($7.99)

In Shining Song Starnova you play as Nishiyama Kaoru, a producer from a no-name talent agency, tries to create an idol group. You manage to gather seven unlikely girls to launch Starnova, but each member faces unique problems that make them unfit for the industry.

From Studio Élan

At 40% off

Highway Blossoms: Remastered ($7.79)

Highway Blossoms is a yuri treasure hunt story set in the American Southwest. It follows the pair of Amber Golley, a cynical loner aimlessly travelling in mourning, and Marina Hale, an adventure-seeker from New Mexico. The two girls will end up on a hunt for a treasure hidden by an old miner from the Gold Rush era.

At 15% off

Heart of the Woods ( $12.74)

Heart of the Woods Original Soundtrack - Moonlight ($4.24)

Heart of the Woods Original Soundtrack - Snowfall ($4.24)

Heart of the Woods is a yuri mystery novel about a pair of YouTubers who investigate paranormal occurrences. Upon invitation, they travel to a remote village of Eysenfeld, where they find a ghost of a girl named Abigail.

From Matchasoft

At 25% off

Hard Work ( $13.49)

Hard Work - Original Soundtrack ($4.49)

In Hard Work you wear the shoes of a prodigious sexual counselor Gary Stuart, head of Bedside Logistics. Your firm gets hired by one of the largest companies on the market, with the task of helping their three most problematic employees become more capable at work.

You can check out the entire sale on Denpasoft, which will last until the 16th of September.

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