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Action Platformer The Girl's School Is Attacked by Monsters, and JK Gets Violated… Is Now Available on DLsite

Aphrodite has developed and published an action platformer, The girl's school is attacked by monsters, and JK gets violated…

The girl's school is attacked by monsters, and JK gets violated… is an action platformer where you control a high school girl, armed with a gun, trying to defend herself against monsters invading from another dimension.

The game itself plays on a 2D plane in which the girl can only walk, jump, crouch, and shoot. She will always aim her gun in the last direction she walked towards and, while she can potentially shoot at an unlimited speed, only one bullet can be on the screen at a time. There are also special bombs scattered throughout the levels, which can be used to deal considerable damage to enemies.

Your goal in The girl's school is attacked by monsters, and JK gets violated… is to help the girl get to the other side of the screen, while dealing with various animals and demons attacking you along the way. As you're exploring the levels, you will see other women being violated by the monsters in the background. If you run out of health, a rape scene plays based on which enemy dealt the final blow.

"It is time to take hold of the gun...I knew the time would come.

...I knew this girl's academy was at the boundary to a different world. It is all in my mind.

Right now, my friends are being attacked by monsters....there is no room for delay

The monsters are going for the female privates...no, they are aiming to implant their sperm deep in their cunts

These fiendish monsters...they will take no pity. They are churning their tentacles and dicks around our cervix

We are cumming so much, but will be continually attacked until we go crazy.

As a women, I am no exception..

If we are taken down, we will be abused by monsters until we die.

But, my friends, I will fight until we save the academy.

Let's go!"

* Action *

Total 13 stages, horizontal scrolling gun action game.

Move forward by throwing down the monsters that come one after the other.

If you are taken down by the monster, a movie where you are abused by monsters are displayed.

Operations can be carried out by either keyboard or joystick.

The play time until clearing is 30-40 minutes. When playing without secret tricks for the first time, it takes about 2 hours.

When loading the score attack (score table) to show a high score, we recommend action mania.

You can purchase The girl's school is attacked by monsters, and JK gets violated... on DLsite at a promotional price of about $10.43, estimated from ¥1,123. The promotion ends on the 8th of October, at which point the game will cost about $13.04, estimated from ¥1,404.

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