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CatBellUnion has released Dress-up Traveller, a 2D action game about slaying monsters.

The heroine of Dress-up Traveller always wanted to be an adventurer. Once she became an adult, she decided to fulfill that dream, venturing out into the wilds to fight monsters, at which point she promptly lost. Thankfully, she was rescued by the manager of the local item shop. The manager offered the heroine to stay at the store, but in exchange, she will have to hunt monsters for materials needed by the manager.

Dress-up Traveller is a 2D action game where you play as the young heroine. Your main task is to traverse the levels, slaying monsters for their items, which can then be used to craft better equipment and potions for the heroine. The heroine can jump, dash, backstep, and swing her weapon to slay enemies. As she’s damaged by the monsters, her clothes will rip apart. If she gets hit while naked, the monsters will rape her on the spot.

Each of the nine monsters in the game features their own sex scene, with four of them being cutscenes, while the rest are presented as sprite animations. The heroine can be customized with different hairstyles, facial features, poses, and voices.

"Dress-Up Traveler" is a pixel style side scroll dress-up action game!

Defeat enemies and collect materials to create equipment!

The equipment will change her abilities and visual appearance.

Hairstyle/color and eyes can be changed!

When enemies attack you, your clothing will gradually be destroyed.

If you continue to get attacked when your clothes are torn, then...!?

- 9 enemy types

- 1 H defeat scene per enemy (9 total), 4 full-size animations

- Voice/SFX/BGM included

* The game time is about 40 minutes

*There is a free DLC, install it to get uncensored content

Some countries have not decoded DLC due to regulatory issues*

You can purchase Dress-up Traveller on Steam at a promotional price of $2.75. The promotion ends on the 12th of September, at which point the game will cost $3.99.

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