Putting the D in the double D.

Doxy and The Poundry have remastered their collaboration with Swimsuit Succubus, and released it as Sweet Dream Succubus - Nightmare Edition.

Sweet Dream Succubus begins with the protagonist having a hazy vision of a beautiful woman with demonic wings clinging to his body. Soon after, he wakes up, realizing that it was just a dream. He goes on with his day, only to run into the woman he dreamt of. This seemingly accidental encounter then repeats, over and again. Meanwhile, the protagonist begins to feel weaker each day. He has to figure out what’s going on, and why the woman is stalking him.

Sweet Dream Succubus was originally developed as a collaboration between the popular artist Doxy, and the fetish cosplayer Swimsuit Succubus. They crowdfunded the game on Indiegogo and later released it for free. Now, an upgraded version of the visual novel, known as Sweet Dream Succubus - Nightmare Edition has been developed by The Poundry. This version features more sex scenes, more artwork, polished puzzles, and updated locations.

Sweet Dream Succubus is a collaboration between two major forces in the adult industry.

The veteran erotic artist Doxy and the incredibly beautiful cosplayer and model, Swimsuit Succubus have joined forces to create a sultry interactive visual novel full of lusty thrills.

You are trapped in a seemingly never-ending cycle, reliving the same three days over and over again, all while trying to escape from the clutches of your devilish and sexy succubus assailant.

• Enjoy Additional Sex Scenes- We've gone ahead and added some more juicy content to the game, three all new fully illustrated scenes!

• Benefit From Quality of Life Improvements- We've listened to feedback and have tweaked puzzles & progression for a better experience!

• Explore Updated Environments- We've gone and done a detailed rework on the locations in the game, making lots of great visual improvements!

• Discover New Easter Eggs & Secrets- Uncover new dialogues, descriptions, & fun extras!

You can purchase Sweet Dream Succubus - Nightmare Edition on Steam at the promotional price of $1.79. The promotion ends on the 13th of September, at which point the game will cost $1.99. The original free version of Sweet Dream Succubus is also available on Doxy’s website.

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