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Despite plans for an episodic release, Taimanin Asagi has been refused publishing on Steam.

Taimanin Asagi is a groundbreaking franchise, helping popularize the nukige genre. In August, we learned that the first visual novel in the series was going to receive an official western release on Steam in an episodic fashion; however, now that the Steam review process of Taimanin Asagi has finished, store pages of all four episodes of the visual novel have been deleted.

The director of Taimanin Asagi, Sasayama Ittousai, has gone to Twitter to explain the situation. He has revealed that the VN’s removal from Steam was due to characters appearing potentially underage. Sasayama then promised to take this into account in his future work (tweet translations by Sankaku Complex).

Thank you for all your comments. Steam’s review process of Taimanin Asagi 1 unfortunately turned out to be no good, I learned that Steam’s review process is very strict when it comes to visuals that might be underage. I believe I will put this experience to good use for my new work.

In a later tweet, Sasayama reassured his fans that he’s going to keep making art the way he wants to. He noted, however, that regulations regarding the appearance of fictional characters are slowly becoming more rigorous in Japan as well.

Thank you for the comments regarding the situation on Steam and America. As a general rule, please be assured that I will draw erotica as I want to present it. Please understand that regulations for expressions suspected to be underage grow stricter with every passing year in Japan. The information provided by foreign users will be extremely helpful.

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