Lick twice for service

Accept quests, fight monsters, and manage your lust in the yaoi furry RPG, Tavern of Spear.

Caro’s Tavern of Spear follows Eyvind, whose name can be changed, a young wolf warrior from The Lost Spear Tribe who has come of age. Following a tribal tradition, Eyvind leaves home and sets out on a journey. A few days later, he gets stuck in a forest during a storm and decides to wait it out at a nearby tavern. After taking a nap there, he is awoken by the bartender, Snow. Eyvind is surprised by him because he has the same name and appearance as his father, but Snow insists that this is the first time they meet.

When Eyvind plans to continue his journey, Snow tells him that he won’t be able to. He informs our protagonist that the fog surrounding the forest has a life of its own and won’t let anyone enter or exit the area. Nobody knows why it happens and there’s no way to determine how long it will last. Meaning that Eyvind now has plenty of time to spare until the fog disappears.

You can get closer to the other characters by doing quests for them and getting to know them. They have their own personalities and information regarding other characters and what might be going on in the story. During conversations, skill checks will occasionally appear. Whether you pass or fail depends on your stats.

Gameplay in Tavern Spear is turn-based, and there are two ways that you can lose a battle: either your health is reduced to zero or your libido is maxed out. Then this happens, you will be unable to fight. Depending on the battle you will either die and receive a game over or get a sex scene and lose some of your coins. To lower your libido or regain HP and MP, you can masturbate and sleep in your room.

The story will be M/M only.

It will contain musky, tentacles,hypnosis spirit possession,Cloaca

The story revolves around a small tavern.

You play as "Eyvind", A young wolf warrior from The Lost Spear Tribe.

Everyone just sits there and you can click and talk to them,

someone can have sex after a talk,or finish their quest.

I add some stats check just like DND and Fallout 1, 2.

You can assign your stats points at the start of the game.

the stats also contain “corruption” and “libido”As the stats increases, more scenes can be unlocked

You can check out and download the public version of Tavern of Spear on Caro’s Patreon page, and support the developer if you wish to.

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