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Developer Academy of Fetishes has begun work on Monster Girl Farmer, an open-world visual novel about domesticating monster girls.

Monster Girl Farmer is an upcoming game by the developer Academy of Fetishes, who we first featured before when they worked on a text game sharing the same name as them. With their previous title, Academy of Fetishes finished and released for free, they’re now looking to make a fully visual dating sim next. Assisting them is the character artist Nugg, and the background/UI Artist AE | Dagger.

Monster Girl Farmer is a comedic dating sim taking place in the modern world, with one fantasy twist: every ten years, a portal to another dimension opens, and alien creatures come out of it. This time, the creatures from the portal were monster girls, taking on human forms and integrating themselves into society. The protagonist’s father saw this as an opportunity to create a monster girl farm, where he could produce and sell unique merchandise. Sadly, he died.

After his death, he left you, the protagonist, the farm he managed to acquire, a farmhand ready to pass his ideas onto you, and the debt he amassed in buying the farm. The most important thing absent from that list is monster girls, as there aren’t any. Your first job will be to explore the local town and its surroundings, identify monster girls among the populace, and convince them to live and work on your farm, all done through a visual novel interface.

You have three points of energy to spend on daily activities, like speaking to girls or planting corps for extra cash. The time of day changes every time you take an action, opening or closing access to certain parts of the town. You’re free to explore it however you wish, as you try to find and solve quests that will progress the story along.

You can find out more about Monster Girl Farmer and support the project on the AoF Patreon. A direct link to the game’s demo can be found in the overview portion of the webpage.

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