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Kagura Games has published Princess Project by Triangle!, an RPG about a lazy princess trying to earn her people’s support.

Princess Project takes place in the fantasy kingdom of Ailuref. The kingdom’s perverted king becomes injured by accident, and appoints his daughter, Princess Meeyu, as his regent for the time being. Meeyu is infamous for being a lazy, uncharismatic, and naive girl. If she wants to properly lead the kingdom, she will have to prove herself first.

There are two ways she can do so: either by solving issues plaguing the kingdom or by servicing men with her body to win their support. Every day, some form of issue will come to Meeyu’s attention and trying to solve it will lead to cutscenes, boss fights, and sexual encounters. While working on her missions, Meeyu can also freely explore the kingdom, collect herbs to craft potions with, and hunt monsters by fighting them in standard turn-based fashion.

Sex scenes in Princess Project feature not only Meeyu, but also her friends, such as her serious and powerful maid, a luscious friend of theirs who runs a brothel, and a nun from the local church. Many CGs are activated by offering yourself to demanding NPCs, while others are triggered by losing fights to bosses. This also activates the rescue mechanic, where one of Meeyu’s friends runs to help her, and can often unlock a defeat scene of her own; however, there’s no need to lose fights on purpose, as winning the fight will unlock all associated scenes in the replay room.


One day, in the peaceful kingdom of Ailuref, the king injures his back. Needing time to rest and get magical treatment, he orders his daughter, Princess Meeyu, to take care of his royal duties.

However, Princess Meeyu is known as the "Useless Princess", and her reputation is at rock-bottom.

Determined to change this, Meeyu resolves herself to work to raise her reputation amongst her subjects, and successfully fulfill her duties as princess.



● Classic RPG Experience

● Explore the Kingdom of Ailuref

● Reputation System

● Multiple Party Members

You can purchase Princess Project on Steam and JAST USA for the discounted price of $13.49 until the 5th of September. After the promotion ends, the game will return to its full price of $14.99. The eroge content from the Steam version was separated into an adult patch, which is available on the publisher's website.

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